During one of the most bone chilling winters I’ve ever experienced in Baltimore, this section of the earth decided to thaw out for a day and i got to enjoy an amazing 50-some degree day.

My friend Scott had caught wind of my interest in bike touring and invited me out to do a trail with him and…


Light-up paint offers radical, if pricey, way to make your car glow

For the past few years, an Ohio motorcycle customizer has been working on the ultimate eye-catching tool —paint that would not only glow, but switch on and off, without fade. As you can see, Andy Zsinko and his product LumiLor has come close to the promise of a surface that could dance with lights like a Vegas marquis — but there’s quite a few hurdles to clear before you could flash messages to other drivers.

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"Look at the stars and you’ll see that it’s real,
If you look at the stars then you’ll know you’re a Starchild.
Once you have seen it you’ll always believe
in the stars and the light
you were born as a Starchild.”

(Source: Spotify)